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Library Program For Partners

Welcome Library Partners!

Welcome Library Partners!  

This is the Library Program’s landing page.  Here you will find all materials and resources related to AgeOptions’ FY2022 Library Program.   

FY2022 Program Materials 

Reporting documents and materials:  

Preview of our FY2022 Grant Year 

To view a calendar of the mandatory partner meetings, breakdown of the quarters in our grant year, and reporting due dates in FY2022, click here.    

Helpful resources 

AgeOptions Resources 

  • SMP 
  • SNAP/Benefits 
  • Health Promotion Workshops 
  • Dementia Friends 

SAM Renewal

Learn how to apply for or renew your SAM (System Award Management) registration here.   

AgeOptions and Our Community Partners 

  • Search for services based on client’s location, click here. 
  • Aging and Disability Resource Network (ADRNs) and TCLIPS, click here.
  • Caregiver Resource Centers (CRCs), click here.


Check out the new Library Program page on the AgeOptions website here.

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