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Connecting with Your Community

Social engagement is important for our physical and mental health. AgeOptions can help you connect with your community.

What is Social Isolation?

Social Isolation may look different for different people. If you have limited or no contact with others but would prefer more, you may be experiencing social isolation. Social isolation can lead to loneliness and can impact physical and mental health. Social isolation can happen to people at any age. Older adults may be more likely than others to feel socially isolated because of various life transitions.

What Can We Do About Social Isolation?

AgeOptions and our partners in suburban Cook County are working to reduce social isolation by offering opportunities for social engagement in-person or virtually. Here are a few examples of the programs that allow for more social connection:

If you’re not sure where to start, AgeOptions has trained information and assistance professionals who can help. Call us at 708.383.0258 or reach out for an email or call back with our contact form.

The following community partners are offering free or low-cost virtual classes and events. Visit these sites for more information or a calendar of events:

Caregivers and Care Partners

If you are a caregiver or care partner, you may have unique social isolation needs. Learn more about the caregiver programs AgeOptions and local Caregiver Resource Centers offer here. If you are a person experiencing memory loss or a care partner for someone who is, there are targeted programs including:

Not Sure Where to Start? Contact AgeOptions

Our information and assistance team is ready to help you discover social engagement opportunities. Call us at 708.383.0258 or contact us today. Learn more about the statewide effort to combat social isolation here.

Services and Programs from AgeOptions

Library Program

Public libraries in suburban Cook County offer targeted programming to older adults in their communities, providing socialization and bridging the digital divide.


Uniper is a virtual senior center brought into your home via your TV, and AgeOptions is offering this to you at no cost.

Virtual Programing

Check out virtual programing that is being offered  and stay connected!

Memory Cafés

Memory Cafes are stigma-free social settings where people living with dementia and their care partners can meet others and enjoy time together!
Illinois Pathways to Health

Illinois Pathways to Health

The Illinois Pathways to Health is an initiative by AgeOptions to help all Illinoisans to better manage their chronic conditions and reduce their risk of falls.
Active Daily Living

Active Daily Living

Helping Seniors and Family Caregivers with free, personalized advice to enhance health, independence, and aging-in-place.
LGBT+ Initiatives

LGBT+ Initiatives

We want to provide welcoming and inclusive services to all, regardless of sexual orientation, relationship status, and gender identity.
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