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AgeOptions can make referrals to organizations that provide assistance in settling non-criminal legal matters, protection of legal rights, advocacy and education.

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Elder Risk Detector

What is an Elder Risk Detector?

Through collaboration with Pro Bono Net and Legal Aid Chicago, AgeOptions is pleased to announce the launch of the Elder Risk Detector. The Elder Risk Detector is a web-based legal health “check-up” tool that allows adult consumers to screen themselves for risks of the following legal problems: housing, debt, health care, financial exploitation, and elder abuse. The Elder Risk Detector is currently intended for adults age 60+, but the tool will be tailored for use by professionals in the future.

Why Should You Consider Using the Elder Risk Detector?

More than 25 million Americans over age 60 are considered economically insecure, and the Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the well-being of older adults and adults with disabilities. Low-income older adults face legal risks that can profoundly impact their well-being, including maintaining safe and affordable housing, overcoming debt or financial scams, and navigating healthcare or other public benefits. The Elder Risk Detector is, therefore, designed to comprehensively reach and serve a population that is vulnerable to various forms of elder abuse, but difficult to serve through traditional legal services. The Elder Risk Detector is user-friendly and enables adult consumers to screen themselves for common legal issues. Once the assessment is completed, a report is generated that categorizes the adult’s risk as “low,” “medium,” or “high.” With informed consent, the report is then sent to Legal Aid Chicago for follow-up and appropriate action.

Access the Tool

Click HERE to access the Elder Risk Detector tool. It is intended for adults aged 60 and older living in Suburban Cook County. If this doesn’t apply to you, you can find legal information at https://www.legalaidchicago.org/
Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP)

Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP)

Illinois SMP: Empowering Consumers to Prevent Healthcare Fraud.

Suburban Cook County Fatality Review Team

The Suburban Cook Adult Fatality Review Team examines deaths associated with suspected abuse and or neglect of persons aged 18-59 with a disability and older adults 60+ years old residing in a domestic setting.

Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC)

The ADRC offers information to help older adults, caregivers and people with disabilities make decisions about care.
iFAST – Illinois Financial Abuse Specialist Team

iFAST – Illinois Financial Abuse Specialist Team

iFAST – The Illinois Financial Abuse Specialist Team – is a multi-disciplinary collaborative dedicated to preventing elder financial exploitation, the most commonly reported form of abuse against older adults.
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