Empowering people to thrive as they age.
Navigating Medicare and Medicaid can be daunting for consumers AND professionals.

Avisery is here to help.

Guide smart decision-making

It’s no secret that Medicare and Medicaid are complex and confusing – and that uninformed decision-making and inappropriate planning can have costly consequences, for both consumers and providers.

Whether you’re a hospital, healthcare organization, managed care provider, health insurer, financial advisor or any professional working with Medicare beneficiaries, you can count on Avisery by AgeOptions for the knowledge you and your staff need to guide your patients, members and clients wisely and confidently.

The Avisery Advantage

  • Convenient trainings, workshops and presentations
  • Local expertise, comprehensive knowledge, helpful go-to resources
  • Trusted, unbiased resource on Medicare, Medicaid and healthcare plans
  • Avisery by AgeOptions

    Knowledgeable Guidance from a Trusted Resource

    A private, nonprofit organization established in 1974, AgeOptions is a trusted resource on Medicare, Medicaid and healthcare coverage. We offer health benefits counseling and other vital services to older adults and people with disabilities in Illinois, and have trained thousands of professionals and consumers about healthcare options.

    Avisery by AgeOptions educates healthcare and financial professionals so you can better serve your clients’ and patients’ needs through informed decision-making on healthcare coverage.

    Our programs teach you to:

    • Understand the differences and costs of services provided under Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplement plans and Medicare prescription drug coverage
    • Determine eligibility for benefits under Medicare and Medicaid
    • Keep patients enrolled in plans that include your healthcare organization and provider network
    • Maximize plan benefits to meet client/member/patient needs
    • Help clients plan properly for post-retirement healthcare costs
  • Three Ways Avisery Helps You Help Your Clients

    Through our programs, you and your team get the necessary knowledge to confidently advise consumers on making smart choices for their healthcare coverage needs. All programs are conducted in-person by AgeOptions experts and offer CEUs to eligible participants.

    Counselor Training

    These full-day educational sessions are designed for healthcare staff – including community relations, patient relations, care coordinators, clinical social workers and insurance professionals – who already have a basic understanding of healthcare coverage.

    Participants delve deeply into the complexities of Medicare and Medicaid, focusing on topics such as:

    • Medicare Parts A and B
    • Medicare Part D and Extra Help
    • Medicaid Covered Services
    • Medicaid Spend Down


    This half-day, interactive workshop educates healthcare administrators, clinicians, managed care employees, healthcare insurance professionals and financial advisors on the basics of Medicare, including:

    • Comparing various plan options
    • Getting the most out of coverage
    • How to avoid costly penalties and coverage gaps
    • What Medicare does not cover (and what Medicaid might)
    • Where to refer patients for Medicare counseling and other aging services


    Ideal for consumer outreach or a professional in-service, these engaging presentations offer an excellent opportunity to provide a value-added benefit to clients and patients or to enhance staff knowledge in a specific area.

    Conducted on-site at your facility or another location you select, these 60- to 90-minute sessions focus on the ins-and-outs of Medicare or Medicaid, and include plenty of time for questions and answers. Our library of presentation topics includes:

    • ABCDs of Medicare
    • Prescription Drug Coverage
    • Employer-based Healthcare Coverage and Medicare

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I attend an Avisery program?

    Our trainings and presentations are based on years of experience and deep expertise in how Medicare, Medicaid and other health benefits actually work for older adults and people with disabilities. We present complex information in an engaging, easy-to-understand format. As a local organization, we can also provide context for how healthcare programs work in Illinois.

    Are Avisery programs appropriate for staff or clients who live outside Illinois?

    Yes. We work with you to understand and address the needs of your staff and clients, wherever they’re located. We can refer program participants to local help with Medicare and Medicaid in Illinois or in their home state. We also can provide our training as a webinar.

    Do you offer discounts to nonprofit organizations?

    Avisery by AgeOptions has received foundation grant support to offer our Counselor Trainings to qualified community-based nonprofit organizations at a discounted rate. Contact us at avisery@ageoptions.org for more information.

    AgeOptions is a nonprofit. How are the program fees used?

    As a nonprofit, all revenue from Avisery goes back into our program. We have been fortunate to have several years of foundation funding to create and build this program. Our program fees help us continue to offer low-cost training and support to community-based nonprofit organizations who serve vulnerable older adults and people with disabilities.

  • Avisery Alerts

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