Uniper is a virtual senior center brought into your home via your TV, and AgeOptions is offering this to you at no cost.

Uniper: Your virtual senior center

Are you staying at home more? Do you feel more isolated? AgeOptions has a way for you to make new friends, take classes, play trivia, join exercise classes or virtually visit faraway places – all free and from the comfort of your own home with Uniper! Uniper is like an interactive senior center on your TV with fun and engaging live activities every weekday. You do not need to learn complicated technology. A Uniper team member will install your box and connect it to your TV, and Uniper is accessible with a simple, easy-to-use remote. With Uniper from AgeOptions, there is no cost to you, so try it today!


To connect and engage people in our area who may be socially isolated or staying at home more due to weather or the COVID-19 pandemic, AgeOptions is providing Uniper at no cost. To be eligible for Uniper via AgeOptions, you must: 

  • Live in suburban Cook County (that’s anywhere in Cook County, except the City of Chicago) and  
  • Be either 60 years or older OR a caregiver 

Let Uniper help support your needs and connect you to what you love – all from the comfort and safety of home via easy-to-access technology. 

Hear from real Uniper members in our area, talking about the impact Uniper has had on their lives: 

Sign-up today or learn more on our Uniper referral page or call (708) 515-4485

Social Service Professionals in Cook County

If you are an AgeOptions partner in our area who would like to learn how you can refer a group of people for Uniper, email us at information@ageoptions.org. 

Other Professionals

If you would like to learn more about Uniper for your members or your area, visit Uniper’s webpage.