Education and technical assistance for professionals who counsel older adults and people with disabilities on health care coverage options, including Medicare and Medicaid.


Navigating Medicare and Medicaid can be daunting for consumers AND professionals.

Avisery is here to help guide smart decision-making.

We build the capacity of professionals to knowledgeably guide the health coverage decisions of older adults and adults with disabilities, work to lower barriers to accessing health benefits, and advocate for policies that expand affordable health insurance for these populations.   

Avisery offers:  

  • Technical assistance for professionals, including expert guidance, skills for resolving coverage problems; and helpful go-to resources 

  • Training on Medicare and Medicaid designed for professionals with varying levels of experience

  • Educational resources such as email alerts, tip sheets, resource documents, and other materials for professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest Medicare and Medicaid policy changes as they happen

Technical Assistance

Avisery provides support and expertise to professionals who work with older adults and adults with disabilities to navigate complex client situations that present barriers to accessing health benefits.  Technical assistance requests can be emailed to avisery@ageoptions.org or by calling 708-628-3440.


Avisery teaches professionals who work with older adults and adults with disabilities to:  

  • Understand the differences and costs of services provided under Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans and Medicare prescription drug coverage
  • Determine eligibility for benefits under Medicare and Medicaid
  • Maximize plan benefits to meet client/member/patient needs
  • Navigate transitions in healthcare coverage as beneficiaries become eligible for Medicare and/or Medicaid
  • And more!

Interactive Trainings

Avisery Training Specialists offer trainings for audiences with varying expertise.  Beginning in 2023, Avisery plans to offer both virtual curriculum and in-person training. Our training calendar will be released in late Spring.  Our trainings include:        

  • Medicare Counselor
  • Medicaid Counselor
  • Medicare-Medicaid Alignment Initiative (MMAI) and Medicaid Managed Care
  • Medicaid Redeterminations
  • Medicaid Spenddown
  • Options for Duals
  • And more!

Avisery by AgeOptions has received foundation grant support to offer our Counselor Trainings to nonprofit organizations at a discounted rate.  Additionally, limited scholarships may be available for qualified community-based organizations. Contact us at avisery@ageoptions.org for more information.

Avisery Webinars

Click here for access to recordings of Avisery Webinars!

Email Alerts and Other Resources 

Scroll down for a wide variety of resources for professionals!

Avisery Alerts

Recent Avisery Alerts

12/19/23: Immigrant Health Programs Will Transition to Managed Care

11/17/23: Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage Resource during OEP

11/16/23: Medicare Part D Clear Spring Health Insurance PDP Termination and Extra Help Updates

11/3/23: Limited Time Opportunity for Medicare Beneficiaries under Age 65 to Purchase a Medigap Policy

Click here for an archive of 2023 Avisery Alerts.

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New Resource!  Avisery Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage: Consideration Checklist for the Open Enrollment Period

Designed for professionals who have not received formal training as Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) counselors, our Consideration Checklist may also serve as a useful desk aid for more experienced counselors.

Avisery Guide to Medicare and Medicaid Coverage for Hospital, Skilled Nursing Facility and Home Supportive Services in Illinois

Click here to access our reference guide for professionals in the community, discharge planners and other frontline staff to help beneficiaries understand hospital bills, coordinate home services, and advocate for access to covered benefits.

Avisery’s DHS Application Coversheet

Click Avisery DHS Application Coversheet to access a template that can be used when submitting documentation for Medicaid Spenddown cases. The coversheet will help alert the DHS caseworker as to how medical expenses should be applied to meet the applicant’s spenddown deductible.

AgeOptions Chart of Benefits

Click Chart of Benefits- January 2024 to access this popular desk aid. This chart is intended as as a resource tool for professionals to use when screening clients for benefit programs. The chart lists income, assets, and a quick overview of eligibility requirements for various public programs in Illinois including Medicaid, Medicare Savings Programs, Extra Help, the Benefits Access Program, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), LIHEAP, SNAP (Food Stamps), Access to Care, Community Spousal Impoverishment and other programs. Please note that this chart is designed for professionals and should not be altered or distributed to consumers.

Resources on the End of Medicaid Continuous Coverage

FAQ From Avisery Webinar: HFS Plans for the Medicaid Unwinding  (as of 3/16/23)

3/3/23 Avisery Webinar Recording:  HFS’ Plans for the Medicaid Unwinding (registration required to view recording)

External Resources Regarding the End of Continuous Medicaid Coverage

IL Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS):

IL Department of Human Services (DHS):

Resources on the Medicare Savings Programs

Coming soon!




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