Archive of 2023 Avisery Alerts

2023 Avisery Alerts

11/17/23: Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage Resource during OEP

11/16/23: Medicare Part D Clear Spring Health Insurance PDP Termination and Extra Help Updates

11/3/23: Limited Time Opportunity for Medicare Beneficiaries under Age 65 to Purchase a Medigap Policy

10/27/23: Medicare Annual Open Enrollment Period Webinar Slides and Recording

10/23/23: SEP for those impacted by Emergency or Disaster Available

10/19/23: Pause on Enrollment into Immigrant Senior Program as of Nov. 6th 

10/2/23: Co-Pays Paused for Immigrant Health Programs

9/25/23: Free At-Home COVID-19 Tests Available to Order Again

9/1/23: Medicare Data Breach

8/22/23: New Medigap Special Enrollment Period for Loss of Medicaid Coverage

8/4/23: New Medicare Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for Loss of Medicaid 

7/17/23: Copays for Insulin Covered by Part B Capped at $35

7/13/23: HFS Extends Grace Period for Medicaid Redeterminations

6/28/23: Urgent! Upcoming Changes to HBIA and HBIS

6/27/23: Intro to Redeterminations Training Recording and Slide Deck

6/22/23: New MMAI Passive Enrollment Cohorts Due to the Unwinding Period

6/20/23: HFS Pausing Enrollment into Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults on July 1st

6/15/23: Summer 2023 Medicare Training Offered by CMS National Training Program

6/12/23: UPDATED Hospital and Community Transitions Guide for Professionals

5/18/23: New Hospital and Community Transitions Guide for Professionals

5/17/23: Asset Test Reinstatement and AgeOptions 2023 Chart of Benefit

5/2/23: Updates to Coverage for COVID-19 Tests and CMS Consumer Factsheet

3/30/23: New 2023 AABD Medicaid and Medicare Savings Program Income and Asset Limits

3/16/23: Recording & FAQ from “HFS’ Plans for the Medicaid Unwinding” Webinar 

3/13/23: Medicare Savings Program (MSP) and the Avisery MSP Referral Pathway

3/8/23: HFS’ Recent ACA to AABD Transition

3/7/23:  Update on Unwinding of Medicaid Continuous Eligibility in Illinois 

2/15/23: Resources for LGBTQ+ Medicare Beneficiaries

1/31/23: HFS Medicaid Unwinding Slide Deck

1/25/23: Updated Understanding the Medicare Advantage and Medicare General Enrollment Periods Resource Sheet

1/19/23: New Opt to Modify Part D Enrollment Due to Insulin Coverage Errors

1/4/23: Medicare Data Breach Leads to New Medicare Numbers for Affected Beneficiaries

Posted on November 16, 2023

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