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Memory Café

Resources for Virtual Cafes.

Please list your virtual cafés at https://www.memorycafedirectory.com/cafe-connect/ ,or find a cafe to refer to.

Example Flyer for Virtual Memory Cafe 

We Thrive Together Virtual Program Calendar for Seniors (summer 2020)

Memory Joggers Activities 

oneclick.chat – Platform for Virtual Gatherings Geared for Seniors

Resources on the Memory Cafe Directory web-page

Tips/Best Practices from Memory Cafe Percolator Network 

Guidance for Remote Implementation of Bingocize! 

Host a Virtual SAGE Table – Learn more HERE

Key Takeaways from National Memory Cafe Percolator Network Meeting on virtual cafes

Steps to consider when transitioning to a virtual cafe

  • Which platform to use (Zoom, telephone-based, oneclick.chat)
  • What are privacy considerations related to the selected platform
    • Requiring folks to pre-register is often an added barrier to participation. But be careful of how far the registration information travels. (i.e. don’t share Zoom link on social media)
  • Don’t use the waiting room feature on Zoom, as it can confuse older adults

Guest Considerations

  • Can most guests use the selected platform? Or can they call in through the telephone to participate?
  • Mail necessary materials in advance to those who call in via the telephone.
  • Share a “joining a video call for the first time” tutorial with guests prior to each session
  • Review Zoom controls at the beginning of each session
  • Periodically unmute everyone to facilitate discussion

Considerations for facilitating the virtual session

  • When a guest is presenting, “pin” their screen so they are what everyone else sees on their Zoom window
  • Start or end each session with a TimeSlips Beautiful Question (find a list of Qs HERE)
  • Consider making each cafe a particular theme (i.e. travel to a certain part of the world) and encourage guests to “bring” a snack of their own that corresponds with that theme. Food is an important part of the memory cafe experience, so not being able to provide it to guests is a challenge. But you can encourage them to bring their own!

FY21 Materials

Complete list of FY21 Memory Cafes

Program Planning Materials

Tips and Best Practices

Educational Resources

Caregiver Alerts and Updates

Milken Institute’s Center for Aging Report w/ Recommendations to Reduce Impact of Dementia 

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